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Save Now on Logo Branded Winter Warmers

Tuesday, 19 June 2018 9:31:10 AM Australia/Sydney

We're well into Winter now and no matter your occupation, there's little doubt you're starting to feel the chill. Here at Clothing Planet, we know it can take the shock of a few icy days to make your team realise that jackets, coats, and sweaters might be the ideal corporate gift to hand out over the next few months.

Promotional Winter Jackets

That's why we've put together this great list of cheap, high-quality promotional winter clothing items that will keep your recipients warm without busting your budget.

Recommended Promotional Clothing for Winter

Tipton Unisex Puffer Jackets - Puffer jackets are not only fashionable, but they go with almost any clothing combination. Keep your staff warm with cosy puffer jackets featuring your corporate branding or design. Your staff will stand out in a crowd without feeling any of the winter chill. These are an absolute must-have for the season.

Safety Fleecy Vest High Visibility - If you and your team work on a construction site or in any physical role, you'll know that even i...

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Buying Promotional Jackets and Sweaters

Monday, 19 March 2018 10:17:24 AM Australia/Sydney

The seasons are always changing. Each time, as we are moving from the beautiful sunny days to the vividly bright colours of fall/autumn, it goes without saying, people need to layer up. Traditionally, the jackets and sweaters were created with one thought in mind—to keep off the harsh cold. That concept is still very much alive, but now, it shares the spotlight with the need to remain trendy, classy and well-dressed regardless of the season.

 Jackets and Sweaters for Uniforms

Jacket Ideas for Uniforms and Promotions

There is no denying that we all need warm clothing as it gets colder, lest we freeze! So, why not do yourself a favour? Take that marketing and advertising out into the cold days. We have an exciting collection, and each product in our store is designed to be user-friendly without putting a dent on your pocket.

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Buying Corporate Uniforms for The New Year

Tuesday, 23 January 2018 11:39:21 AM Australia/Sydney

Over the years, corporate uniforms have been losing traction as more and more companies tend to become less strict on office wear. However, corporate uniforms for the new year from our range will prove to be advantageous because;

  • Uniforms are a way of brand marketing. Staff represent the firm even after hours as they make their way home.

  • Uniforms help to create a more professional work environment.

  • Personalised uniforms are easier to maintain meaning less time spent getting ready in the morning.

  • Having uniforms opens doors for happier and friendlier staff who do not spend time stressed about what to wear the next day.

Logo Emblazoned Corporate Uniforms

Large Range of Logo Branded Corporate Uniforms

Here at Clothing Planet, we supply office wear to suit all manner of people that also fits a wide range regarding look, colours and material. From our range, we offer some good corporate uniforms that will look perfect once customised with your logo design. These include;

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