Winters are getting colder and colder each year, so it is important that you stay warm during this season. Our Stormtech custom apparel is the tough stuff that is guaranteed to keep you at the right temperature. Here are the reasons why you need Stormtech clothing during winter.

Stormtech Promotional Clothing

Designed by Canadians

Our northern partners in Canada designed this material to brave the harshest winds and the freezing cold of Canada. Stormtech is designed for outdoor clothing, being made from high-tech fabric that protects the wearer from natural elements such as rain, snow and cold temperatures. Therefore, it is perfect for all situations in Australia and if it can brave the Canadian winter it is sure to keep you warm in Australia.

Built for Tough Conditions

No matter how tough the conditions get, Stormtech apparel is sure to survive and keep you warm. The jackets feature ultimate wet weather protection through waterproof material and breathable quality. This prevents water from seeping in whilst keeping the wearer dry and warm. Additionally, the breathable quality allows moisture and perspiration to dissipate through the material making sure you don’t get sweaty in all that protection. These clothes are designed for tough conditions and it shows.

Perfect for Marketing

Now that you can be sure that you will survive the winter, Stormtech apparel can be easily branded to provide you with a mobile form of branding. This will send a strong sign that your brand cares about quality clothing and more importantly, in keeping their patrons warm during winter. Take this opportunity to emblazon a product with your name whilst giving back to your clients, friends and family.

You can check out our full range of brandable Stormtech apparel here.