There are countless promotional products on the market, so why is personalised clothing so popular with Australian recipients? Based on our years of experience, we've got a few ideas about why clothing is still a great marketing investment.

Promotional T-Shirts on Display

1) Custom Clothing is Functional, Long-Use

There's nothing worse than receiving a promo gift that does very little and breaks within 5 minutes of receiving it. I think we've all been there, right? Awful! Custom branded clothing stands out in a sea of these trinkets because clothing is useful. We all wear clothes daily, whether as uniforms, work attire, casual clothes, athletic gear, or night attire. Not only do we wear clothes constantly, but clothing also lasts a long time - they're not single-use products by any means!

2) Promotional Clothing is Appealing

When you attend a concert, doesn't it feel great to grab the limited edition t-shirt the band has released for their tour? That's the power of branded clothing. Everyone has a touch of FOMO about unique items with appealing designs, particularly where clothing is concerned. If you want your event to be remembered for years to come, definitely consider distributing customised clothes or headwear.

3) Extensive Branding Possibilities

Depending on the type of promotional clothing you buy, there are extensive branding options available. If you purchase t-shirts for event uniforms, then we can provide screen-printing on the front and/or back. Perhaps you're after uniforms for your sales team, in which case you'll love our embroidered polo shirts. And if you need something a bit different, whether, for winter or summer, there are digital print (full-colour) options for athletic clothes and jackets alike.

So what are you waiting for? Promotional clothing is a worthy investment for all Australian businesses. Contact our sales team for more information today.