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Promotional Eco Tees Printed With Your Logo

Buy Eco tees custom printed with your logo or graphic. Eco shirts are exceptional promotional items because they promote the use of eco-friendly materials. We have an extensive collection of environment-friendly shirts that are made from durable and high-quality materials. Our custom-branded eco shirts are perfect for people who advocate for improving sustainability. Aside from helping the environment, these eco-friendly tees are made from recycled products, reducing the costs of materials being used to produce these products.

We Screen & Full Colour Print Eco Tees

Using the latest printing technology, we imprint your design onto the surface of organic and recycled material t-shirts. Screen printing is a budget-friendly print option that allows us to add your logo in up to 3 solid colours to the shirts. While a full-colour digital or sublimation print can add photographic colour designs and complex illustrations in high resolution. The end result is beautifully made shirts with your company logo decorated exquisitely on them.

Ideal Environmentally-Minded Gifts

Among the most popular office wearables are eco tees. Your staff will surely love wearing them around during hot, humid weather, especially if they're comfortable. These tees are versatile and they are made from recycled materials. You can wear them to events and other gatherings. Wearing custom-made environment-friendly shirts with the company logo fosters solidarity at work during special occasions. Team-building activities can also be conducted with them.

Fast Delivery in Australia

With eco shirts that are already stored right here in Australia, it is much easier for us to accommodate a two (2) week turnaround time. We also cater to orders with deadlines sooner than two weeks. Please talk to our friendly staff for more information.

What Are Eco Tees?

Eco Tees are t-shirts, casual tops worn on the upper torso with short sleeves, that are made from recycled items like plastic bottles or quality organic fabrics. Our products are certified to the Organic Content Standard 100. We also make sure that comfort is not neglected while creating these eco shirts. Our products are made from organic ring-spun cotton that are durable, softer, and overall, they make better quality garments.

How To Care For the Branding of Eco T-Shirts

Eco Tees with custom branding need to be handled with care during laundry to maintain the colour and radiance of the logo or graphic and the t-shirt as well. As much as possible, you should handwash these tees and avoid using strong detergents. When washing them, don’t forget to turn them inside-out and always use cold water to protect the print on these shirts.

FAQ’s on Eco Tees

Do you supply the eco tees complete with custom branding?

Yes, sell t-shirts made from eco-friendly materials with your customisation.

What is the minimum order quantity for branded organic and eco t-shirts?

25 is the lowest number of t-shirts we can supply per order.

Our Clients

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