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Cheap Promotional Garments Price Guarantee | Clothing Planet

If you choose Clothing Planet, you can be assured of always paying less for quality garments. This is our simple promise to you. We ensure that you, your organization or your event will always receive great value for money.

Quality Garment Guarantee

Our garments are made from quality raw fabric with each level of quality to ensure that our entire range of clothing, from budget through to premium garments are constructed with fabric that exceeds the price that you pay for them.

Stitching and cutting is also done by expert experienced factory team members with close monitoring to ensure high quality standards for the given price for all our promotional clothing.

The entire garment from fabric, colour dye, stitching is all then checked prior to leaving the factory to ensure you will always be guaranteed a quality garment at a value for money price.  

Expert Low Priced Branding Guarantee

For orders below 500 pieces, the branding of your logos and graphics occur right here in Australia. We utilize the very best technology and garment decoration machines to ensure your logo looks great on each and every shirt that you purchase.

It is not simply just having the best machines though. The experience and skill of our branding team is vital. Using the best production processes our partners and our team skilfully emblazons your logo. Due, to these 2 combined factors of having the best machines and processes in branding we can assure that you will also pay the lowest price for custom branding.

Partners for Bulk Delivery around Australia

Paying less for a quality garment is important. Equally as important is having the product arrive with you on time. We partner with who we believe is the best courier at the very best prices to ensure your total order is efficient, fuss free and value for money.

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