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Digital Printing on Promotional Clothing

Digital Printing is a style of branding that works like a large scale print from your computer. Utilising a full spectrum of colours, digital printing involves taking a fully digital piece of artwork and applying it directly to your chosen product. Because so much of the work on digital printing is computerised, this allows for a short turnaround time and modifications during print runs that other methods of printing cannot accommodate.

How is Digital Printing Applied?

Digital printing is popularly used in branding labels or stickers that can be attached or applied to larger products, but digital printing can also be used to striking effect on clothing. It is currently popular to utilise digital printing to achieve vibrant, breathtaking prints on fashion t-shirts and dresses. Unlike many other printing methods, digital print uses CMYK colours and set up costs are only applied once per design (rather than once per colour).

Which Digital Files Can Be Used?

We accept AI, EPS and PDF (with editable vectors) when using a digital print method. If you don't presently have files of this type, our friendly graphics team can assist you. Please contact us and let us know if you require assistance with redrawing your logo ready for digital printing.

What Makes Digital Print Different?

Digital print is one of the few print methods that produces a full colour print, including gradients. Additionally, because it is a primarily digital method plates don't need to be created for the print process, so the overall production time is faster than other print methods. On the down side, it can only be used with certain surfaces and products, so please discuss with our sales team whether or not digital printing is the method that's right for your campaign.

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