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Fast Delivery Information | Bulk Orders of Promotional Clothing

Clothing Planet is your first and only stop if you require your order of promotional clothing to be branded and delivered quickly. If you need to order your clothing for an event and require absolute confidence that they will arrive on time then we are here for you.

We have clothing stock from tee shirts to hoodies, trousers and more in our warehouse ready to be dispatched for you. If you require your garments decorated then you would be glad to know that our embroidery, print and other decoration machines are always on hand along with an expert technician to brand your clothing FAST.

Once your personalized garments are ready then we use the most reliable courier to have them delivered to you.

Delivery Turnaround To Your Australian Address

Unbranded Plain Stock Turnaround - 2 Days

Decorated Clothing Personalized with your Branding Turnaround - 1.5


For rush jobs, please contact us. More often than not we have spare capacity throughout the year to enable us to create and deliver personalized garments within a week. Give us a call today!

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