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Return Policy Garments | Clothing Planet

The return policy described below is in addition to any statutory rights that you have under the Australian consumer law.

Terms and Conditions of Returns

You are entitled to return any product ordered if any one or more of the following are met.  

  • Incorrect Products Delivered. The products received are not exactly the same you ordered.  In this case you will need to contact our sales staff and we will organise a correct product re-delivered to your location.

  • Incorrect Quantity Delivered. The products received are under supplied. In this case you will need to inform us and we will arrange the correct quantity delivered to your location. Please note a variance of under or over 5% is considered normal.

  • Defective or Faulty Products. We will replace or refunds all faulty products. Replacement will depend on the availability of the product.  If the product has been discontinued, we will organise a full refund on the faulty ones.

  • Damage in the Shipping Process. You will need to inform us for damages in the delivery process.  We will contact our third party couriers to process the claim.

Non-Acceptable Returns

No returns will be accepted under any of the following circumstances:

  • Delay in the Delivery Process: Deliveries are done by our third party couriers.  We always use the most reliable courier that is available in your region.  However sometimes delay may occur due to varies reason such as car accidents or floods, etc.  These are situations beyond our control.

  • Change of Mind: We do not provide any refunds or exchange for change of mind purchase.  We start the production process as soon as payments are received.  No changes can be made after this date.

  • Damage Products: Products are damaged through improper use.  This includes intentionally or unintentionally.  Under these circumstances products are not regarded as faculty at all.

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