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Screen Printing on Promotional Clothing

Screen printing is a method to decorate clothing. It is possibly the most popular way to decorate garments. This method of printing has been a technique used since ancient times. After years of refining this branding technique, screen printing is a reliable way to achieve sharp smart looking results.

How is Screen Printing Done?

Screen printing is done by using a screen of mesh and a stencil to print colours and graphics onto garments. Ink is then applied and pressed through the mesh screen.The stencil effectively blocks ink from transfering through the screen and onto the fabric. The result is your logo or image neatly branded.

Print Set Up Costs

Typically for screen printing to be done onto garments a set up cost is required. This cost covers the process of creating film, artwork digitizing as well as a few sample trial runs to correctly align the screen printing equipment. Generally this is charged at $75 Australian dollars

Economical for Large Runs

Screen printing is the best way to print onto garments for purchase orders of 50 pieces or more. The price per unit to print using screen printing declines rapidly for larger orders.

Ink Colour Change

If your purchase order for screen printing garments requires a colour change and not a graphic or logo change this can be done easily. The cost for a colour change for screen printing is $30. This involves washing drying and changing of the colour.


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