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Clothing Planet 0402 631 548 [email protected] We sell promotional clothing branded with your logo delivered Australia wide. We stock a variety of polo shirts, tee shirts, business shirts, sportswear in a range of different colours.

Buy Promotional Suits for Office Wear

Dress your team in only the most comfortable, stylish, and affordable corporate suits around with the range of suits from Clothing Planet. Made from classic, high-quality polyesters and wool, Clothing Planet boasts a range of classic fit suits perfect for any professional business environment. Wear these suits to an office, a corporate meeting, a business expo, or to a formal setting such as a dinner or presentation.

What is a Branded Suit?

A branded suit is a set of clothing worn over a business shirt and tie. Suits consistent of a jacket and trousers (or a jacket and skirt for ladies) with each being made from the same fabric and designed in the same style to provide a consistent style and look for maximum professionalism. We decorate each suit we sell with logo embroidery of your design, making them the ultimate in personalised office wear.

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