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PMS Colour Chart

The Pantone® Matching System (PMS) colour chart is a patented colour space used by a variety of industries, including print and manufacturing. The goal of the PMS system is to match colours in the desing phase of production to the eventual physical product. Because PMS is an industry standard way of colour matching, regardless of the brander you consult a PMS colour will always remain consistent. Here at Clothing Planet we recognise the importance of being able to match the PMS colour in corporate logos and we will consult with you extensively to ensure the right colour is always used.

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The CMYK colour model is different in that it consists of only four colours - cyan, magenta, yellow and black. When combined, these four colours are able to produce a full colour range. This method is also known as "4 colour process printing." The key difference between PMS and CMYK is that PMS allows for exact colour matching, every time. CMYK will ultimately vary depending on a host of factors involved in the print process, so the resulting colours are not always identical. The trade off is that PMS colours can be quite costly, while CMYK printing is far more budget friendly. The dedicated staff here at Clothing Planet are more than happy to discuss your colour match options with you via phone or email - contact the team today!

 PMS Chart


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