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Eco-Friendly Promotional Shirts: Why You Should Consider Sustainable Fashion

Organic and eco-friendly promotional shirts are becoming a popular option for businesses looking to promote their brand or message. The rising demand for sustainable fashion is not only a fad or trend. It's just that people are becoming more aware of the adverse effects of fast fashion on the environment, and they're more inclined to favour sustainable fashion as a result. Let's explore this subject in more detail through this post.

The Impact of Fast Fashion on the Environment

Did you know that fast fashion hurts our environment? Here are the stats that prove this claim:

  • Plastic makes up over 60% of all materials used in the fashion industry. (UNEP, 2019)

  • 8 to 10 per cent of the world's carbon emissions are attributable to the fashion sector. (UNEP, 2018)

  • By 2050, the fashion sector's carbon budget contribution might increase to 26%. (Ellen MacArthur Foundation, 2017)

  • The apparel business contributes about 20% of the world's industrial wastewater pollution. (WRI, 2017)

Fast fashion might be affordable for your company's budget, but over time it has a very negative and expensive effect on our environment.

The Sustainability-First Mindset of Gen Z Consumers

One more reason why your company needs to be eco-conscious when it comes to choosing promotional t-shirts is because of your future clients, Generation Z consumers. This generation is more concerned with making environmentally friendly purchasing selections than previous ones, and they're motivating others to follow suit. In addition, Gen Z consumers prefer to buy from sustainable brands or companies that use sustainable business practices.

Is your company already associated with any of these green companies that Gen Z consumers favoured the most? If not, Clothing Planet is here to help you.

Custom Eco-Friendly T-Shirts for Your Organisation

You can personalise various organic and environmentally friendly t-shirts from Clothing Planet with your logo or design. Our promotional eco-tees appeal to people of all ages, not just the Gen Z crowd. We sell stylish, sustainable shirts made from recycled materials or 100% organic cotton fabric. Now, you can give away environmentally-minded gifts to your staff or distribute these as a freebie at an event.

More importantly, through our sustainable tees, your company can take part in saving our environment, one eco-friendly promotional t-shirt at a time.


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