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Promote Your Brand With T-Shirts During Lockdown

You don't need me to tell you that right now a lot of businesses are doing it tough if they haven't already had to close their doors. How can a restaurant or service industry enterprise make enough to survive right now? We've noticed one of the few products enjoying renewed sales right now is the humble promotional t-shirt as restaurants and other struggling businesses look to capitalise on the brand they've built by supply logo printed tees. A good idea? We definitely think so!

Who Can Use Promotional T-Shirts?

T-shirts with custom printing are among the few promotional products that never seem to go out of style. People have been wearing t-shirts at home and at work for decades and that trend isn't wavering now, even during an international health crisis. T-shirts are the kind of product that fans of a particular business/media brand/event/artist can wear as a means to advertise their knowledge and loyalty to the brand in question. That's why, even when the chips are down, places like restaurants, that are restricted in what services they can provide during the pandemic, are selling printed t-shirts online to help keep their businesses alive.

Why Buy Custom Tees Right Now?

Customisable t-shirts have a number of advantages that businesses can utilise while things are tough. These include:

  • Affordable: t-shirts don't need to break the bank and because of their low buy-in price, you can add a high markup to meet retail price expectations when selling on to your consumers.

  • Local: there are Australian-made and locally branded t-shirt options available so you too can support other Aussies in need of business right now.

  • Lightweight: enjoy affordable postage when you dispatch these tees to your customers, or simply include them with home delivery. Trust us when we say bulkier items are a LOT harder to distribute than the humble tee!

  • Fast, Cheap Customisation: when you order your tees from Clothing Planet, we can quickly add your preferred design using methods such as screen print, digital transfer, and sublimation depending on your design and timeframe requirements.

  • Always in Demand: Right now around Australia most Aussies are sitting at home wearing a t-shirt of some kind. Boost your brand visibility during this difficult period in history and make sure the t-shirt they're wearing during their next Zoom meeting is one of yours.

Contact the Clothing Planet team for obligation-free t-shirt quotes and get your brand shirts into the hands of keen local consumers today.


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