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Promotional Clothing for the New Year

One of the best ways to promote brand awareness is through the use of promotional clothing. In any business, brand recognition is very important, regardless of its size. Having a strong brand identity helps customers think of your company above your competitors. Promotional items such as clothing offer a great way not just to attract new customers for this new year but also to thank those existing ones.

If you are looking for promotional items that can stand out and will leave a good impression on your target market, clothing apparel such as tees, hoodies, jackets, and polos for both men and women are the best options to consider.

White tees are considered mobile advertisers. Once you put your brand on it, anyone who gets to wear these tees will be your instant advertisers for free. They become your walking ambassadors even without paying them with commission and royalties. More importantly, white tees are versatile and can be worn on numerous occasions. The decorations and company slogan are also more visible and vibrant when printed on white tees.

Another greatly appreciated gift, especially for employees and customers, is branded hoodies. These practical and comfy clothing will surely put a smile on the face of your recipient. You can instantly gain brand recognition with your logo proudly displayed at the front or back of these hoodies. Branded hoodies also inspire loyalty. Your customers will remember your brand and the good services you rendered them.

Nowadays, polo shirts are known as a simple and convenient fashion statement. A branded polo shirt is a utility item you can use on different occasions. It is considered a go-to garment that you can wear during times when you get confused about the attire to wear throughout the day. Since they are comfortable to wear and durable enough for daily wear and tear, branded polo shirts are one of the best promotional clothing apparel today.

Everyone wants to get cozy during the cold season, and using jackets is the best way to do so. One of the issues with promotional polo shirts and tees is that they can be covered up during cold days. This isn’t the case with jackets. Branded jackets can act as a very effective promotional tool, no matter the weather. It ensures a high-quality advertising campaign that can gain a positive impression on potential customers.

Environment-friendly apparel is a hit this new year and making it one of your promotional items paves the way to a more sustainable living. After all, it’s always good to promote your brand without harming the planet. Since consumers are starting to become conscious of whether or not the products they use negatively impact the planet, it is wise to use eco-friendly clothing apparel for brand promotion. This will show your love for Mother Nature and emphasise your company’s objective of promoting sustainability.

Looking For Promotional Clothing?

Clothing Planet offers you the broadest range of high-quality promotional clothing apparel for your employees, loyal customers, and prospective clients. We have different apparel that is customisable with your company logo or slogan. For inquiries, you may call our friendly sales team at 02 9221 7322 or send us an email at

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