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The Best Fabrics for Summer

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Summer's here! Are you ready to soak up the sun, live it up at outdoor events or simply chill by the pool? Tempted to know how to remain very cool throughout summer while looking fabulous? One simple trick: Dress right. Not only does this involve a careful selection of promotional clothing in different colors and styles, but fabric is undeniably key in surviving the heat.

No need to sweat over fabrics too much - here we will break down for you five best materials that are perfect for summertime. Get ready with your shopping list as we guide you through finding clothes tailored from these ideal warm-weather fabrics.

Lightweight Cotton

It's no surprise that promotional cotton tees our list of go-to summer fabrics - it's a classic! This highly popular material has always been an excellent choice for warmer weather thanks to its lightness, breathability and low maintenance qualities.

It absorbs moisture well, allowing air to circulate freely around your body which makes it easier for cooling down during hot days. The best way to incorporate cotton into your wardrobe would be choosing items like camisoles, sundresses, shorts or t-shirts made from lightweight thin cotton fabric due them being versatile and easy-to-wear regardless of casual events or special occasions alike.


Another favourite among supreme quality clothing lines available out there almost all year round is linen. Its natural fibers allow ample airflow making sure that even on humid days where temperatures climb high above comfortable levels; this breathable material helps keep anyone who wears it feeling cool as if they don't have any garment-body contact whatsoever - astonishing stuff!

Linen appears rather informal due to its texture and draping characteristics but rest assured this fibre fits perfectly for beach trips catchups with friends or other outdoor gatherings where staying relaxed is key element.


If silk seems somewhat intimidating yet preferred in hotter climates consider rayon instead; an artificial fabric derived from plant cellulose appearing similar enough visually yet naturally breathable.

It's soft, lightweight and dries fast which ensures you to stay cool all day long even in the thick of summer heat. Its wrinkle-free texture makes it particularly favourable when travelling around too or for any indoor/outdoor activity.


If you're into denim looks but aren't a fan of its heaviness nor warmth, Chambray is your pick! A well-sculpted cotton blend-that behaves much like denim with a lighter touch-on the body. Chambray brings maximum style along with an utmost ease as clothing items made from this material give that timeless stylish look and feel anywhere - an ultimate winner for those laid-back summer weekends without any compromise on fashion sense.


This time-tested fabric is highly appreciated among people who want to add some classic elements-while still embracing their unique personality-into their wardrobe but remaining relaxed at the same time.

Seersucker has been known around as perfect choice thanks to its ability to stay away from skin surface while slightly lifting up hence allowing air circulation more freely flow throughout your ensemble. Such very characteristics have made seersucker popular amongst male folks who choose it often during horse races outings, topped off with hats-be they bowler-hats, fedoras, trilbys and others.


Garments must reflect certain criteria such lightness, breathability, comfortability whilst still retaining stunning style. Summer fabrics are no exception. A few picks highlighted above-like cottons, silks, chambrays etc-can help withstand continuous exposure sun rays.

So kick back and enjoy hassle-free life knowing that each time you put on clothes tailored out from our top five summer fabrics whenever then whatever occasion arises, you’ll always be looking great whilst smartly staying cool - ready for all that summer brings.

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