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Who Buys Promotional Sportswear?

The summer heat is destined to get people out and about, playing in the sun and having fun. Sport is necessary to live a healthy life, so it is imperative that you have clothing that fits this purpose. We offer promotional sportswear for all ages and this is a fantastic way to get your brand known. Check out who buys sportswear and our best items so you know how to brand your promotional gear.

Sportswear for Students

University students constantly engage in extracurricular sports activities. Why not consider promoting your brand name on a university team. It will be sure to get your brand recognised and remembered and our unique custom t-shirts and singlets will do just the trick. They are woven with premium fabric making them comfortable to wear, breathable during sport, and their lightweight build also encourages airflow. Embroidery, personalised print or full-colour digital print make these promotional t-shirts and singlets perfect for students and your brand.

Sportswear for Kids

For kids, we offer personalised athletic shorts with your logo to ensure comfortable playtime. Even better, these shorts can easily match a wide range of colours or can be customised to create a complete outfit. This is great for team games like basketball or football and can be easily matched to a team’s name or other promotional tops. Utilising embroidery as the decoration method makes these sportswear shorts a prime promotional item.

Sportswear for Work

Even office workers enjoy engaging in sport in their spare time. Our personalised sport polo shirts are the ideal blend of work and pleasure, perfect for marathons, golf, tennis or outdoor relaxation. Our polo shirts feature a cool dry material that actively wicks away sweat to keep you cool during your outdoor fun. Find a colour that suits your brand and take this opportunity to get your brand known.


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