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Why Choose Long Sleeve Logo Shirts

Sweater weather is upon us. Winds are picking up but sometimes the sun still shines through the clouds. You may not need a jumper during the day so consider these alternative long sleeve shirts. These shirts are extremely comfortable and great for marketing your brand. Here are our top 3 favourite long sleeve logo shirts for Autumn.

Business never rests but this does not mean that you need to be cold in the office. This work shirt expresses a corporate look whilst also being appropriate for indoor and outdoor professional wear. It is suitable for physical routines but also comfortable enough to just sit at the computer. This is a cotton shirt giving it a silky soft touch, almost hugging the skin. Its deep colours go great with promotional marketing and can effectively highlight your brand.

This garment is the perfect blend between a shirt and jacket. It has the makings of a shirt but features the warmth of a jacket. This shacket is lightweight and comfortable making it perfect for outdoor activities. It is made from Stormtech thermal shell technology to insulate the wearer and features multiple pockets for storage or just to keep your hands warm. Couple this product with embroidery and your brand will shine.

Sometimes you need to stick to the basics and this polo long sleeve shirt does the trick. This cosy shirt blends cotton and polyester to protect you from cool temperatures. It even features an additional layer of protection against harmful UV rays. Thanks to its material makeup, this garment is versatile and stretchy, easily adapting to any body type and shape. You can roll the sleeves up in the summer or wear them down in the winter. Feel free to incorporate this shirt into any type of environment and make a great impression!

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