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Want to find a product with loads of features that your clients and employees get nothing to point out? Well, you are just in time as we present you with these finest Logo Branded Unisex Hi-Visibility Puffer Jackets. Made with polyester twill on the outer, they have Polly fill along with taffeta on the inner side. The polyester used is 100 gsm and 120 gsm complete polyester. You can make an impression on not just your clients but your employees by offering the insulated design of these puffer jackets on the body as well as the sleeves.
Buy Customised Highlight Warm Coats
The jackets are trendy thanks to the contrasting colour on the sleeves and the lower part of the jacket. Even the jacket's design has put insulation in the hood that is enclosed with a high zip collar. A considerable number of pockets are there to make space for tools and accessories. One of the most commendable features of these exclusive jackets is the shower-proof fabric, so you get to add safety for your employees and clients. The jackets will keep its users warm and your business on the go. Add your brand's logo to make your business look reputed and responsible. These puffer jackets will make the perfect giveaway for your promotional events.
Direct Australian Delivery for Cheap
In the given product cost, the umbrellas will be customised with a 1-colour design in one position. The setup fee applied, per colour per position, would be $60. GST excluded. The products are deliverable inside Australia only. Processing time of 2 weeks is applied to orders from any state or territory.

Logo Branded Unisex Hi Visibility Puffer Jackets

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