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Elevate your team's workwear with the Workguard Adults Action Trousers. These durable and versatile pants are designed to withstand demanding conditions while providing optimal comfort and functionality. Whether your team works outdoors or in rugged environments, these trousers offer excellent mobility and style.

Adults Action Pants Personalised

Customise these trousers with your logo or design through embroidery, adding a professional touch to your team's attire.

Timely Delivery

Our standard delivery time of two weeks ensures that you receive your custom-branded trousers promptly throughout Australia. Please note that GST is not included in the online pricing.

Other Product Details

  • Available Colour(s): Black, Navy
  • Available Size(s): 72 (S), 77 (M), 82 (L), 87 (XL), 92 (2XL), 97 (3XL), 102 (4XL), 107 (5XL), 112 (6XL), 117 (7XL), 122 (8XL), 127 (9XL), 132 (10XL)

Workguard Adults Action Trousers

SKU: R308X
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