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Buy Custom Branded Year 12 Jerseys

We supply Year 12 Jerseys to your school. We personalise these jerseys with your choice of colours and patterns to make you and your school year unique in every sense of the word. We also will add your favourite names and nicknames to the back and have your school year printed or embroidered to add that finishing touch. Choose from our range of preset designs below or use our design tool to create some amazing designs for you and your school year. There is no better way to show off your final year with pride, style and a bit of class than with one of our jerseys.

Sydney High Schools 2018

We are now selling high school jerseys for 2018, and if you are in Sydney, then you need to get in touch with us, to see what stylish patterns we can design for your school year. If you're not into jerseys why not check out our range of promotional Letterman jackets and sweaters.

What is a Jersey

A Jersey is an upper body piece of clothing. In general, a jersey features the name of the wearer as well as custom branding that displays allegiance to an organisation such as:

  • a Sports club

  • community club

  • high school

  • college

  • social club

Specifically, in Australia, most will refer to a jersey as being a garment made with thicker fabric, complete with sleeves and a collar.

What is a School Leaver Jersey in Australia?

In Australia, it has become a tradition for year 12 (which is the final year for high school, secondary education) to purchase and wear a jersey that features:

  • A crest of the school

  • The name of the student across the back

  • The graduating year on the back below the student name

The school leaver jersey is commonly pre-ordered at the beginning of the year by the students. In most high schools, the students themselves organise for the purchase of the jersey.

During the colder months of the school year, the jersey is allowed to replace the standard traditional uniform for the school. It is common also to see the jersey, worn outside of school hours and during the weekends.

Our Clients

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