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Buy Printed Promotional Cotton T-Shirts

Get your logo design out there and in the open with our comfortable cotton tees. Here at Clothing Planet, we custom print promotional t-shirts within Australia for any event:

  • Screen printing

  • Transfer printing

  • or Digital printing

Perfect for marketing events, expo's, exhibitions, concerts, fundraising activities or just to hand out as part of a giveaway. A tee shirt is a versatile garment; we have supplied tee shirts to businesses, schools, charities, government departments and many other types of organisations.

Artwork Requirements for Custom Printing

To print your graphics or logos, we would require your art file in either, EPS with outlines, PDF with outlines or a high-resolution jpeg. If you do not have a design, we can help by offering graphic design services starting from $30 per hour.

Order Cheap in Bulk

We sell custom printed tee shirts in bulk at low cheap prices. Minimum orders start from 25 pieces.

Quality Guarantee

All tee shirts supplied by Clothing Planet will have a guarantee for both suitable quality and also for custom branding. If the garment is damaged, or if the print is inferior, we will replace the tee shirt, or refund the price in full.

What is a Promotional Tee Shirt?

Tee shirts are the perfect garment for events. They are perfect all year round. A tee shirt in its most basic form includes:

  • Two sleeves for each of your arms

  • The main body which covers your waist and your chest

  • An opening on the top to slot your head through

  • The opening on the base enables you to slip the tee shirt on or off over your head.

Tee shirts can either be long sleeved or short sleeved.

A promotional tee shirt has all the features of a regular tee shirt with the exception that it is custom printed with your logos and graphics. Tee shirts that are custom printed make them perfect for marketing events, sales events, charity events, awareness campaigns, exhibitions, activity days, indoor or outdoor occasions and more!

Deciding How Much to Spend on your Tee

Cheap promotional tee shirts, as well as premium tee shirts, are available for you to purchase. How should you decide on what to spend on your tee? We recommend setting your budget depending on the duration of your event.

  • Single Day Events: We recommend choosing the cheapest promotional tee shirt available

  • For Week-Long Events: We recommend choosing a mid-priced tee shirt option

  • For on-going Events: choose a premium tee shirt option. (premium tee shirts provide the wearer with more comfort, and superior feature fabrics, stitching and colour to enable the tee shirt to look newer for longer.

Caring for Custom Printed Tee Shirt

  • All our tee shirts come with care instructions. Follow these instructions above all else.

  • Wash your tee shirts in cold water to avoid shrinkage

  • Wash like colours together 

  • Allow garment to dry naturally and avoid a clothes dryer

  • Store tee shirts away from direct sunlight, avoid humidity (use a dehumidifier device), avoid dusty locations.

  • Do not iron on top of a screen printed graphic or a full colour sublimated graphic

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