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Design Samples

Garment Sampling & Graphic Layout Illustration

We understand that selecting products like garments that you see on an online website can be very difficult for you to make a proper informed decision. After all, what looks great online may be totally inappropriate for you when you receive your order of promotional clothing. This is why we offer the option for you to purchase samples.

Process for ordering Physical Samples

To order samples for yourself or your organization to view cannot be easier. To proceed, simply call us or email us on and let us know some basic information for us to process your sample order.

  • Name

  • Telephone Number

  • Physical Australian Street Address

  • Garment Name and colour you would like to see

The Cost to Order Samples

We simply charge the lowest listed price on our website plus a delivery fee of $10.00 to most locations. To prevent abuse of the system, unfortunately we cannot supply samples for free to your organization.

Visual Garment Layout Illustration with your Logo

An easy and quick way to determine if the look of a garment is suitable for your organisation or event before you place an order is to ask for a visual layout of the garment which is branded with your logo. We can re-create a visual for you which can emulate various branding effects such as, embroidery | screen printing | transfer printing or digital printing.

The Cost to Create an Artwork Visual

To instruct us to create a visual illustration for you is totally free. Simply email us your artwork in an EPS or PDF format with vector outlines.

If this is not available then a jpeg would be fine. As a very last option, simply forward us an email with your footer or a website URL link is also okay. Please keep in mind that a visual re-creation using lower quality images will result in a lower quality less precise mock up for you.

Pre Production Sample

A pre production sample is when we have simply 1 garment create for you. This is delivered to you with your branding decorated onto the garment and is the easiest way to evaluate the final outcome of your desired promotional clothing. If you are ordering a large quantity above 500 pieces then a pre production sample is definitely recommended before you proceed into mass production for your clothing.


Cost for Pre Production Sampling

The cost to create a single garment will vary from style to style. In general though prices are:

  • Cost of garment + Branding Set Up + Branding Per Unit + Delivery

As a general indication, a pre production sample can cost anywhere in between $75 - $275. This will depend on the amount of decoration required. To find out more about obtaining a pre production sample for a garment prior to placing a large bulk order of event or promotional clothing, please give us a call or email us on

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