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Shop For Promotional Hoodies

Buy promotional hoodies personalised with your graphics or logos. We carry a wide variety of hoodies in ladies, men’s and children’s sizes that we deliver direct to you, complete with custom printing. These hoodies are shipped to you in bulk quantities for your school, business or organisation. All our hoodies feature quality materials and details which make them functional, sporty and stylish.

Single or Full Colour Custom Prints

All prices listed in this category cover a unique print of your graphic or logo in one colour. Additional colour printing is available upon request. If you desire, we can further personalise your hoodie with the following:

  •     Full colour digital print

  •     Embroidered logo or slogan designs

Branding Locations

A hoodie is extremely versatile when it comes to branding your logos or graphics. Choose to have your hoodie custom imprinted on the garment area such as Left Hand Side Chest | Right Hand Side Chest | Back | Sleeve | Waist | Inner Lining.

Fast Delivery Australia-wide

We stock all our garments in Australia and custom print them locally as well. We offer super-fast turnaround times for important purchase orders to enable you to receive your product within a week.

Cheapest Price Quality Garments

We carry hoodies which are high in quality but low in price. Choose from regular hoodies made from fleece, as well as hoodies which feature wool and faux fur lining for extra warmth and comfort.

What is a Promotional Hoodie?

A hoodie is a garment worn on the upper body and worn by both male and females. What distinguishes a hoodie from a regular sweater is a hood that is attached to the back of the neck. The hood is part of the garment and can use to cover the back of your neck, as well as most of your head leaving your face exposed.

A promotional hoodie, has the additional feature in that it is comes printed with your choice of graphics and logos. A hoodie can be personalised with either screen printing for simple graphics or full-colour printing.

Available branding areas on a Hoodie.

A hoodie, has the option to be personalised with your graphic on various locations depending on your marketing and promotional needs. The most popular areas to personalise a hoodie includes:

  • Front of the hoodie

  • Back of the garment

  • Left or Right Sleeve

  • Front or back hip area

Our Clients

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