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Buy Promotional Polo Shirts

Buy Polo shirts, custom printed with your graphics or your logos. A well-personalised polo shirt can do wonders for your corporate image for your organisation. A Polo shirt is the perfect garment for exhibitions, expos, tradeshows, and events big or small.

Embroidery or Print Your Logos & Graphics

All our garments you see in this category are priced to include either embroidery of your logo or printing on your graphics in either a single colour screen print or a full colour digital print. If you would like some advice on the best and cheapest way to decorate your logo on our range of polo shirts, please contact us and we would glad to provide you with advice and guidance. Need a polo shirt for your worksite or tradie team? Our promotional hi-vis polo shirts are perfect for heavy duty activities.

Decoration Areas

We can decorate the polo shirts in any shirt area of your choice. The most popular area for custom branding is on the left-hand side chest. Other possible areas for branding your logo include:

  •     Right Hand Side chest or pocket

  •     Embroidery on the collar of the polo shirt

  •     Embroidery or print on the sleeve on the polo shirt

  •     Embroidery or print on the back of the polo shirt

  •     Embroidery or print on the bottom waist of the polo shirt

What is a Promotional Polo Shirt?

A polo shirt is a garment that is worn by both men and women. It's worn as a top piece of clothing for the upper body. The polo shirt typically features a collar which goes around the back and side of the neck. Many styles of polo shirts also come with buttons just below the front of the neck in the middle. The polo shirt commonly is stitched from thicker fabric than you will find on a tee shirt.

A promotional polo shirt will feature logo's or graphics and images used to promote an event or a company. We recommend embroidery onto a polo shirt as it produces a more upmarket premium look, however printing on polo shirts can still look great when done correctly.

Caring for Custom Branded Polo Shirts

  • Look after your custom branded polo shirt by following the care instructions included with all our garments. Here are some tips to help you care for your shirt.

  • Do not wash in hot water.

  • Do not iron on top of branding elements such as printing or any embroidery

  • Avoid using a tumble drier unless stated on the tag

  • When drying, hang them up and turn the shirt inside out. This will help keep them crisp and stylish.

Our Clients

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