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Business Shirts Personalised

Purchase business shirts custom branded with your logo. We carry a range of quality shirts that will look stylish in the workplace. Match this shirt up with a well-branded jacket as well as a professional pair of business trousers for a complete uniform look.

Have your Logo Embroidered

or business shirts to look professional, we will decorate using embroidery. We do not recommend screen printing as a decoration option as printing does not allow for a prestige finish associated with a business shirt.

Forms Part of a Uniform Set

Business shirts are an essential component of a uniform set for any organisation. In the past our range of corporate apparel products have been popular with:

  •   Security industry and Taxi Drivers

  •    Banking & Finance Staff,

  •    Sales Teams,

  •    I.T Support Staff,

  •    Hospitality Staff & Retail Staff

  •    Small Business staffing groups,

  •    Carers & Educational sector staff

Location Suggestions for Branding

The most common place for branding a business shirt is on the left-hand side chest. Other favourite branding locations include:

  •     Shirts branded on either or both collars

  •     Shirts branded on the back (centred)

  •     Shirts branded on the right-hand side chest

Difference between Business Shirts and Casual Shirts

Business shirts and casual shirts may seem similar at first glance. However, there are definitely differences that you need to know.  A business shirt is the most important piece of upper body garment for a professional look at work.

So what makes a shirt considered a business shirt? The answer is in the details. A business shirt will commonly have the following features:

  • A stiff collar

  • Softer shirt fabric

  • Normally will have no more than one pocket.

  • Buttons that run all the way to the top of your neck

  • Limited range of colours. White as well as conservative colours

  • Mostly feature conservative patterns.

A casual shirt, on the other hand, features these details:

  • A soft collar

  • In some instances, no collar, or a petite collar which cannot fit a tie, without parts of the tie protruding outside of the collar

  • May feature multiple pockets

  • Can feature Stronger and bolder patterns

Our Clients

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