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Custom Decoration Methods | Clothing Planet Online

Here at Clothing Planet we take great pride the in the variety of high quality branding methods we are able to offer you. From classic methods such as embroidery right through to modern sublimation techniques, we can print your logo in a style to suit your needs.

Machine Embroidery

The machine embroidery technique allows us to replicate your designs in full embroidered style on clothing and other soft materials. In order to do this, we take your logo in any high quality file format (EPS, AI, PDF) and "digitise" it. The digitisation process involves imputting details such stitch types, stitch densities and stitch directions into the file so that it can be read by machine embroidery software. The machine then stitches your design onto the garment of your choice, accurately replicating the fine quality hand embroidery styles we're all familiar with. Embroidery is suited to clean, bold designs and less suited to small text and fine detail.

3D Embroidery

This specialty technique produces raised embroidery stitches for added impact. Minimum order for 3D embroidery is 50 units or more and this technique can only be utilised on a select range of styles. Please contact the friendly staff at Clothing Planet for further information.


This technique uses heat to transfer dye onto fabric. The dye colours infuse the material during this process, making subilimated designs extremely resistent to fading. Extremely effective for photo transfers and designs requiring high colour retention. Sublimation can only be utilised on 100% polyester fabric and in print runs of 50 units or more.

Screen Printing

The perfect technique for printing standard bags and clothing, screen printing involves blocking colours onto individual screens before they are used as stencils for ink to be pushed through. A UV or heat treatement then seals the print onto your fabric. Screen printing is best suited to bold colours and large print runs. It cannot render gradients or 3D effects.

If you are unsure what branding method will suit your design or you would like further information on our branding process , please contact the friendly Clothing Planet team today.

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