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How to Take Care of Your Promotional T-Shirts

The customised design of a printed shirt is just as important as the colour scheme when it comes to making promotional t-shirts appealing. Additionally, if you live in a country like Australia, where it can be relentlessly hot, your t-shirts are always at risk of damage.

There’s nothing more upsetting than to find a perfectly designed graphic on your favourite t-shirt cracking after a couple of wears. It’s no surprise then that we’re constantly finding questions from online forums like Reddit and Quora, where people are asking for ways to protect their t-shirts.

There’s nothing worse than discovering that your beloved t-shirt’s design has faded or cracked. Fortunately, using a few simple tricks, you can make your favourite promotional t-shirt last longer and avoid having to replace them every few months.

Turn Your Shirt Inside Out

If you want to get more wear out of your t-shirts, flipping them over before washing them is the ideal practise. Imagine your t-shirts inside the washing machine, rubbing and scuffing against one another, so there’s a risk in its design. So turning it inside out serves as a "shield" against the effects of each wash.

Use Only the Necessary Amount of Detergent

T-shirts benefit from fabric softeners since it helps maintain the shirt’s form while making them feel more comfortable. But be careful not to overdo it because using too much detergent can cause discolouration. 

If you want your t-shirts to last longer, use as little detergent as possible. Fabric softeners also aren't the only option. If you have sensitive skin, you can also use a t-shirt care solution with hypoallergenic ingredients.

Wash Your Shirt With Cold Water

Washing your t-shirts in warm water is one of the most common mistakes people make when washing their t-shirts. A quick 15-minute soak in hot water can strip away the natural oils from the fibres of your t-shirts, resulting in more wrinkling and the deterioration of the graphics. As long as your t-shirts are only lightly soiled, you can wash them with cold water to keep them in good condition.

One common mistake people make while washing their t-shirts is washing them in warm water. Your t-shirt's fibres can lose their natural oils even after a quick 15-minute soak in hot water. This can cause more wrinkling and damage to your t-shirt’s design. If your shirts are only slightly dirty, you can wash your promotional shirts in cold water to preserve their quality.

Dry Your T-Shirts Away from Direct Sunlight

The heat in Singapore, especially in the sun, will stretch your t-shirt material to its limits and can create your t-shirt sleeves to lose their tautness and elasticity. They become floppy and limp under the heat and humidity. Unfortunately, for many of our houses, especially older units, they’re East- and West-facing. This means we’re getting harsh sunlight shining in from morning till evening.

Your t-shirt’s material will be stretched to its limits in Australia's heat. Additionally, your t-shirt sleeves may start to lose their tautness and elasticity under the sun. Your favourite graphic t-shirt can become limp and floppy if exposed to heat and humidity. If you leave your t-shirt outside, the sun's glaring rays could severely damage it.

Fortunately, there are ways to lessen the effects of the sun’s damaging rays and shield your clothing. It is best to wash clothes in the cool cycle and only wash them under the warm cycles if it’s incredibly necessary. 

Warm or hot water can likely cause the silk designs on cotton shirts to become plastic-like, and under extreme conditions, the designs can bubble, fracture, or peel.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully, these tips for taking and maintaining your promotional t-shirts’ pristine condition were useful. You can save money and the environment by using the advice in this article to prolong the life of your favourite shirts. 

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