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Branded Winter Hi-Vis Outerwear

If your staff work at night in the winter, it is important that they are equipped with the correct clothing. We recommend getting branded winter hi-vis outerwear to protect your employees and keep them warm. Here are the best winter hi-vis garments.

The winter chill will make it very difficult for you if you work at night. Moreover, with limited visibility, this can be quite dangerous. Luckily for you, we have a solution to both. These hi-vis jumpers will keep you warm at night and keep you visible in the dark. We stock a variety of jumper types that can be easily branded with your unique name or logo. Get a fitted set for your work team this winter.

If you are truly facing arctic winds, grab a warm winter jacket. These are the best pieces of clothing to resist against cold temperatures. Our winter jackets feature reflective stripes to ensure that workers stay visible when out at night or in low light. They also feature a zipper that goes all the way to your neck for added warmth. These heavy-duty jackets are incredibly useful and great promotional items too!

To match your kit, check out these reflective pants. These high vis pants are made with low maintenance fabrics and are adaptable for ease of use. They are comfortable and warm, but most importantly hi-vis for night shifts. Get your employees the proper clothing to ensure optimal work. And whilst you’re at it, get these pants emblazoned with your brand for endless marketing.

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