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Polo Shirts or Tee Shirts

This topic is one that has a lot of opinions, about which is better or when to wear what. It is the common debate you might hear people enter in Polo shirts versus the T-shirt. Truthfully there is no correct answer as this argument has some variables. Meaning there is not necessarily a clear winner as different occasions vary and so do people personal preference and style.


What is a Polo?

Let’s start with the differences between the two clothing items. A polo shirt is a casual short-sleeved cotton shirt with a collar and several buttons at the neck.

What is a Tee Shirt?

Whereas a t-shirt is a short-sleeved casual top, generally made of cotton, having the shape of a T when spread out flat.

Unfortunately, t-shirts have some negative opinions as they are seen to be relaxed and often overly casual. While many claim the polo has been hijacked by those businessmen looking to relax their public appearance for the BBQ.

Promotional Tees or Promotional Polos?

The T-shirt is very much a staple clothing item in every bodies wardrobe, as the very nature of the t-shirt is that it is understated and forms the base of any outfit. With the t-shirt have a more relaxed look, the polo is a little dressier. In fact, the shirt originally was just made to play polo, being somewhat more formal and more like a uniform. It becomes increasingly hard to determine which should be triumphant. In the end, however, it all comes down to the time of day. Let’s say a man has a date on a Friday evening with their significant other and does not want to dress formal though still wants to look smart. In this case, his logical choice would be to wear a polo with some matching chinos and maybe a pair of premium casual loafers. Nonetheless, if you had an occasion on a Saturday arvo at the beach, a polo would not be your first option. This is where a tee is worn, maybe one with some fun text or graphic combined with a pair of shorts a much more relaxed and comfortable look for the occasion.

Best Way To Wear a Polo or Tee

So each garment has its pros and cons and particularly occasions that they should be worn. However whichever you decide to wear here are a few fashion don’t that you should have in mind when it comes to polos and t-shirts:

  • Avoid tucking in t-shirts and polos , especially t-shirts unless you don’t mind looking like an oldie in a golf club

  • The combination of formal shoes with t-shirts is a no go. You are best to go with anything in between flip-flops to loafers.

  • This one is an obvious rule that there is no reason to pop your collar up on a polo, that style is outdated.

In Conclusion Which Option?

  • If you were needing a promotional garment that is more formal, then choose a Promotional Polo Shirt.

  • If you were needing a garment for a more relaxed occassion, then select a Promotional Tee Shirt.


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