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Buying Corporate Uniforms for The New Year

Over the years, corporate uniforms have been losing traction as more and more companies tend to become less strict on office wear. However, corporate uniforms for the new year from our range will prove to be advantageous because;

  • Uniforms are a way of brand marketing. Staff represent the firm even after hours as they make their way home.

  • Uniforms help to create a more professional work environment.

  • Personalised uniforms are easier to maintain meaning less time spent getting ready in the morning.

  • Having uniforms opens doors for happier and friendlier staff who do not spend time stressed about what to wear the next day.

Large Range of Logo Branded Corporate Uniforms

Here at Clothing Planet, we supply office wear to suit all manner of people that also fits a wide range regarding look, colours and material. From our range, we offer some good corporate uniforms that will look perfect once customised with your logo design. These include;

  • Promotional Polo Shirts or Tee Shirts — Relaxed corporate wear and will resound more with employees working in casinos, technology companies as well as cafes and some restaurants. Additionally, these can come in handy during corporate functions to help identify staff.

  • Logo-emblazoned jackets — The ‘go to’ corporate wear for winter and those cold mornings. We offer you jackets that are custom embroidered with your company logo.

  • Corporate suits — Under this category, we offer a range of comfortable, stylish and affordable suits made from high-quality, classic material and wool. Get your entire staff branded suits to wear over their business shirts and ties. The jacket-trouser or jacket-skirt combo is made out of the same material resulting in a consistent style which is the epitome of professionalism

A uniform sets the tone for a serious and professional setting. Getting corporate uniforms for your staff will add that final touch of professionalism. Scout through the different offers including; work wear, customised office wear, sportswear, casual wear and jackets.

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