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Promotional Clothing for Winter

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Winter is here, and that means everyone will be hiding their t-shirts under winter clothes. Does this mean an end to clothing-based promotions until the spring?

Not necessarily! There are a range of options available to the clever promoters to keep their brand visible all through the cold winter months.

Emblazoned jackets

There's nothing like a nice cosy jacket for keeping you warm in the winter. And the only thing better is a jacket custom embroidered with your organisation's logo. Promotional jackets can be a little pricey as promotional giveaways, but they make excellent promotional sales items for your gift shop or online store. They also make wonderful uniform elements for your staff, especially those staff members who work outdoors.

Embroidered jerseys and jumpers

Whether printed or embroidered, these comfortable garments will keep you looking good throughout the coldest months. Schools are particularly keen on these quality products to let their students show their school pride all year around. These are also an important part of the work uniform for staff who work indoors or outdoors.

Promotional safety vests

Safety vests aren't just important parts of your OH&S strategy, they are one of the best ways of keeping your brand visible all year round. Sitting on top of your employees' uniforms, they are the ultimate all-weather uniform item.

Customised Hoodies

An increasingly popular product, hoodies are great informal wear items, partway between a shirt and a jacket in terms of warmth. Popular amongst young people, they sport a range of possible branding areas. Branded hoodies make excellent giveaways or premium gifts for youth-related products and services

Keep Your Brand Visible

With so many options for promotional winter clothes, why not get started now? And let your competitors wait until t-shirt season!

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