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Buying Promotional Jackets and Sweaters

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

The seasons are always changing. Each time, as we are moving from the beautiful sunny days to the vividly bright colours of fall/autumn, it goes without saying, people need to layer up. Traditionally, the jackets and sweaters were created with one thought in mind—to keep off the harsh cold. That concept is still very much alive, but now, it shares the spotlight with the need to remain trendy, classy and well-dressed regardless of the season.

Jacket Ideas for Uniforms and Promotions

There is no denying that we all need warm clothing as it gets colder, lest we freeze! So, why not do yourself a favour? Take that marketing and advertising out into the cold days. We have an exciting collection, and each product in our store is designed to be user-friendly without putting a dent on your pocket.

  • Stomtech Custom Cyclone Softshell Men's Jackets — stylish, made out of 100% polyester microfiber fleece, these jackets are comfortable and manufactured with everyday functionality in mind.

  • Half Zip Promotional Fleece Jumper for Adults — these make casual the best friend to winter. Designed to slim fit the wearer, these half-zippered jumpers are an excellent pick for the colder days. Each is made out of carefully selected 300gsm 100% polyester fibre. They are warm and practical. A win for you, a win for the one who gets to wear it.

We pride ourselves on being a group of innovative intellectuals and creatives. These samples are just a tip of the iceberg. Want to get your brand out there? Consider our warm winter wear. It comes with a lot more advantages than we care to mention. Your business gets maximum exposure, you achieve a corporate social responsibility, you give back to the community, the brand receives love from the ones wearing your branded sweater or jacket, and the list goes on.

Head over to our promotional jackets and sweaters and select the best product to suit your budget. Contact our sales professionals for information on how we can best brand these products for your next event.


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