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Ideal Personalised Clothing for Autumn

It’s time we rid ourselves of the post-summer blues and accept that Autumn is well and truly underway. Don’t worry though, with every season change comes the opportunity for new clothing merchandise to keep up with the changing temperatures.

This Autumn looks like its going to be a bit on the chillier side; I don’t know about you, but we are already in jumpers and jackets! Cold weather means this season is all about stylish warmth; making sure your merchandise is both sleek and practical!

Custom Clothing for Giveaways

Looking for some affordable giveaways that are more seasonal than the basic short sleeve T-shirt? Just upgrade to a long sleeve and be done with all the fuss. These are great to wear on the occasional warmer days, can be worn around the house (thank goodness for heating!), or as an underlayer. Giveaways that will keep your receivers warm will be valued this Autumn and will be used more going into the cooler months than short-sleeves.

  • Long-Sleeved Coloured T-Shirts (Men and Women)

  • Long Sleeve White T-Shirts (Kids)

Promotional Team Uniforms

Are you looking to kit out your team at a promotional event, trade show or just on the job with some warm apparel? Look no further than these stylish fleeces. There is no point having branded merchandise to promote your product or service if it is being covered by a warm jumper on an Autumn day. These fleeces will keep your team warm whilst promoting your brand! Top tip: offer these for sale at promotional events to have even more walking brand promoters!

  • Super Fleecy Men's Jackets

  • Ladies Fleece Jackets Branded

Over-The-Top Looks

No, we don’t mean OTT! If you want to make sure your promotional merchandise is going to be the most visible layer of clothing and don’t mind splashing out a little bit, then you should consider a bomber or shell jacket. These are great for all occasions including memorabilia from events and will provide a meaningful gift to solidify team and customer loyalty.

  • Personalised Bomber Jackets (Unisex)

  • Logo Shell Jackets With Hoods (Unisex)

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