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Why Choose Clothing Planet for Uniforms

Updated: Sep 7, 2023

Picking uniforms can often be a difficult task. It is important that you have a uniform that reflects your brand, image and work ethic. At Clothing Planet, we ensure that your uniforms are top of the range and at premium quality. Here are some of our options and the reasons you should choose Clothing Planet for your uniforms.

Unique Casual Uniforms

For a recreational workplace, serious uniforms might not be suitable. Fortunately for you, we are stocked with a range of casual outfit pieces! We can mix and match items of clothing for both genders to create a fresh and quirky look for your organisation. If you have some specific ideas in mind, feel free to let us know and we will be sure to accommodate your needs. We can even recommend how your personalised logo should fit on the uniform and soon you’ll have a uniform that is ideal for all situations.

Custom Decorated Uniforms

We handle all our items of clothing professionally, to ensure a quality uniform for you. We know that some organisations won’t fit the standard stocked uniform requirements so we offer custom decorated uniforms to ensure a fit that appropriately reflects your brand and name. We are with you from the inception of your custom uniform design to assisting you in all the fundamental aspects of your outfit’s production. We have colour recommendations to branding methods, all designed to make this experience easier for you.

Corporate Branded Uniforms

If you are looking for a professional look, our corporate branded uniforms have got you covered. These uniforms are designed to reflect success and standing, making them ideal for premium businesses and enterprises. Dress your employees in sophisticated apparel and blow your competition out of the park. We deliver office shirts, ladies' blouses, slacks, skirts and corporate blazers. All of these items are professionally customised with your unique logo to ensure your brand is recognised and appreciated. These uniforms would suit everyday office wear as well as trade shows and marketing conventions/events. Make Clothing Planet your number one choice for uniforms!

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